Save the date! Edinburgh Marathon Festival Workshops

Great News!Edinburgh Marathon Workshops We have teamed up with Nuffield Health & Wellbeing to provide runners with two opportunities to receive professional advice on every aspect of Edinburgh Marathon Festival preparation (for any event)!

The FREE workshops, held in Edinburgh on 28th October and in Glasgow on 30th October, will focus on training plans, nutrition, injury treatment and prevention and tips on how to stay motivated. As well as great offers from Run and Become and Nuffield Health & Wellbeing!

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Entries are open for the 2015 Edinburgh Marathon Festival!

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen!

The Edinburgh Marathon Festival is Scotland’s largest running festival of its kind with over 30,000 runners expected to take part in 2015. With 7 races on offer over two days including the marathon, half marathon, team relay, 10k, 5k and junior races, there really is something for everyone! Guarantee your entry today!

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Have you been u - guaranteed-entry-doorway.pngnsuccessful in the London Marathon Ballot?

There are TWO ways to get a guaranteed EMF 2015 entry

Did you miss out on a place at the London Marathon? Now might be the best time to book your trip to Edinburgh as we are giving guaranteed entry to all unsuccessful London Marathon applicants!

Come and be part of Scotland’s largest running festival of its kind. Click here to find out more and secure your place.



Top 5 reasons to run in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival

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1. Now in its 13th year, this popular and ever-growing marathon festival takes place in Scotland’s capital city with the Edinburgh Castle as its stunning backdrop. It continues through East Lothian offering stunning views and an unforgettable running experience.

2. With its fast and flat route, this marathon is one of the fastest in the UK so can deliver that elusive personal best for runners! Edinburgh Marathon joined the world’s elite road races in 2012 by becoming the first marathon in Scotland to be officially recognised by the IAAF, the athletics governing body. The IAAF bronze label puts the race among the top 75 in the world making it a pivotal part of the sporting calendar for runners. 

3. 70% of marathon runners come from outwith Scotland making this a truly international event. So why not make a stay of it? Book some accommodation and enjoy all Edinburgh has to offer!

4. Only 1% - edinburgh-castle2.jpg of people ever run a marathon. Don’t miss out and be one of the 99% that don’t! Achieve your goal in Edinburgh - rise to the challenge!

5. Guarantee - you are guaranteed a place if you enter today! No hassle, no disappointment, no fuss.


It's official - Edinburgh is the Fastest Marathon in the UK

The May edition of Runner's World magazine carried out extensive research into which of the 10 most popular marathons for UK runners were the fastest. A single comparison (like average time) could skew the results so Runner's World used 200 different comparisons to establish which was the fastest marathon and the Edinburgh Marathon came out as the fastest marathon in the UK. The course has an elevation drop of almost 40 metres.


We were also rated as the best race of any distance in Scotland in the February edition of Runner’s World magazine. It just goes to prove yet again that the Edinburgh Marathon is a must for anyone looking for a PB or just looking for a great race.