EMF e-Goodybag Promotion


egoodybag 2013

What's in it for you? .....

* The Edinburgh Marathon Festival ONLINE e-goodybag is an excellent opportunity to get in front of 30,000+ UK & International runners and up to 3 million+ visitors to the Edinburgh Marathon Festival website.

* It’s available to the runners for two whole months in advance of the EMF race weekend and one full month post race, but additionally goes on to be promoted REGIONALLY at our Big Fun Run Events in Edinburgh and Glasgow (161,000+ visitors to the site) as well as at our Scottish Half Marathon on September 6th and our One Big Weekend events in Aberdeen, Perth, Edinburgh & Glasgow.

Allowing you to offer a year round promotion / discount should you wish, or tailor your offer for each event at no extra charge!

* It gives you the opportunity to sell items that runners can use over the EMF weekend or during their training in the lead up to EMF. You don't have to wait until they start training for another event.

* Measurable results - you can track the number of people that click on your link

* No printing or design costs (old style hard copy leaflets can cost between £400 -­£1,000 ratecard to hit 10,000+ runners.)

* No delivery costs

In order to participate You must give a benefit or discount to the runners. Offers will be published online for one month prior to the events and for the month of the event, other than for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, where it will be promoted 1st April to end of 30th June.

£700.00 plus VAT

Reaching out to over 40,0000 + Runners
(and can also be distributed on to runner's family and friends)

To take advantage of the offer we just need 60 words (one image or logo) and a link to any page on your site and we will do the rest !

- Deadline for copy is 15th March 2014.

Please remember your copy must include a discount, special offer or promotion for our runners. Just advertising your product is not enough, it must be an ‘offer’.

All space is allocated on a first come first served basis. If you’re interested in participating this year, please contact Debbie Phillips: Debbie@gsi-events.com