Entry Prices and Deadlines

The 2014 Edinburgh Marathon Festival will take place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 May (UK Spring Bank Holiday weekend). 

Entries for the Edinburgh Marathon are now closed. Well done to everyone who managed to secure a place.

Hairy Haggis Team Relay,  the popular 10k, and Junior races all remain open for standard entries.

You can still enter the half marathon and 5k with a charity place and run for a cause close to your heart. 

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Entry Categories

  Late Entry*
Standard marathon entry  n/a 
Club entry n/a 
Charity entry n/a 
Top Club, Good4Age & Elite n/a 
Overseas entry CLOSED
Tour Operator package n/a 
  Late Entry*
Standard Entry n/a
Club entry  n/a 
Charity entry  click here
Overseas entry n/a
Good4Age, Top Club & Elite n/a
  Late Entry*
Standard entry £124 (per team)
Charity entry  click here
EMF 10km
  Late Entry*
Standard entry £29.95
Charity entry click here 
Running Club entry £27.95
Overseas entry n/a 
EMF 5km
  Late Entry*
Standard entry  n/a 
Charity entry   click here
Running Club entry  n/a  
Overseas entry n/a
EMF Junior Races
  Late Entry*
Charity entry   click here
Standard entry (6-10) £10.95
Standard entry (11-14) £10.95
EMF Mascot Race
Charity entry click here 

An Entry System Fee of £2.03 for debit cards and £2.98 for credit cards will be applied to your entry. All entries are on a first-come, first-served basis and will close when the race reaches entry capacity. Late entry surcharge will apply after 7th April 2014 at 17:01, if entries are available for that race*. There are no late full or half marathon entries. No entries are available on the event day(s).

Late entries will close at 5pm on Wednesday 30th April 2014 unless course capacity is reached before then. 

If you apply for a Charity Place, your charity must approve your application before the following deadlines when Charity Place Entries will close.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have an APPROVED place in your chosen race.  Visit our Charity Runner FAQs for more information.

Race Charity Place Entry closing date*** 
Full Marathon 5pm on Wednesday 2 April 2014
Half Marathon 5pm on Wednesday 30 April 2014
Team Relay 5pm on Wednesday 30 April 2014
10k 5pm on Wednesday 30 April 2014
5k 5pm on Wednesday 30 April 2014
junior races 5pm on Wednesday 30 April 2014

***These dates are the absolute latest that Charity Place Entries will close and the event organisers reserve the right to close entries early if capacity is reached.